Parents in today’s society face a number of challenges in raising children. Teenagers today have more freedom and an active social life at an earlier age than ever before. With the unlimited world of social networking and internet access it is easy for a teen to potentially choose the wrong circle of friends to spend their free time with and end up doing negative things they would not normally do. As parents it can become necessary to investigate their actions to protect them and help them make the right choices.

Common concerns that often lead parents to seek teenager tracking and investigation services are:

Concerns about potential criminal or illegal activities. Some teenagers will begin acting differently and may lie about their whereabouts, skip school, etc. to engage in illegal activities. Rebellious acts of petty theft or vandalism can be the result of seeking a “thrill” or an adrenaline rush. While many of these type crimes are not serious they could graduate to more serious offenses

Concerns about suspected alcohol & drug use and/or abuse. Teenagers are spending increasing amounts of time away from home with their friends and may be in potential situations where there is access to drugs and/or alcohol. Binge drinking among groups of teenagers is becoming very popular as is consumption of many forms of drugs. Prolonged exposure to consumption can cause health issues, your child not reaching their full potential in school, etc.

Ash Investigative Services provides a comprehensive program for concerned parents to track and monitor your teenager’s activities. Services that we offer include covert surveillance, investigations, background checks and GPS tracking for vehicles that they are driving. This information will ease your mind of where your child is, what they are doing and who they are doing it with.

Advantages of our GPS systems include:

1. Our state-of-the-art technology can indicate speed, driving habits and real-time location.

2. You can know when your child has safely arrived at their destination, when they leave, and the route they took to get there.

3. Tracking information can also help if they experience car trouble, theft or an accident.